Corporate Governance

Kinross Gold Corporation is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance practices. The Company adheres to guidelines for effective corporate governance as published by the Toronto Stock Exchange, and constantly reviews its practices to ensure that its standards are in compliance with required regulatory regimes.

The Kinross Board of Directors is chaired by an independent Chair and made up of 10 directors, nine of whom are considered independent of management. Specific Charters have been developed for the Board and for its various committees that set out their roles and responsibilities. The Charters are reviewed, and if appropriate, revised on an annual basis.

With regard to the Company's communication with its various stakeholders, the Board has adopted a Disclosure, Confidentiality and Insider Trading Policy, which includes comprehensive procedures governing, among other things, timely disclosure of material information, mineral disclosure, electronic communications, insider trading and selective disclosure.

A more detailed discussion of Kinross' approach to Corporate Governance and the activities of the various Board committees can be found in the Company's most recently filed management information circular.

A Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for directors, officers and employees of, and contractors to Kinross was approved by the Board in February 2004, and amended with Board approval in April 2007 and February 2010. A more comprehensive Whistleblower Policy for the Company's directors, officers and employees, as well as reporting procedures for non-employees, was approved by the Board in December 2007, and amended with Board approval in February 2010.

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