Corporate Governance

Whistleblower Reporting

The Company's Board of Directors has approved the following procedures to facilitate reporting of concerns regarding actual or suspected improper activities in respect of the Company's accounting, internal controls or auditing matters and any other violations of its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Code") including, but not limited to, violations of applicable laws and Kinross policies ("Reportable Matters").

Employee Confidential Reporting

The Company's Whistleblower Policy requires that Kinross representatives report any Reportable Matter to one of five specified Designated Recipients, depending on its subject matter, and sets out responsibilities, policies and procedures for such reporting and any resulting investigation. The following sets out the Designated Recipients under the Policy and the applicable classification of Reportable Matters to be directed to each:


Reportable Matters

Designated Recipient

Any Reportable Matter

Chief Legal Officer or General Counsel

Accounting, Financial and Auditing Matters

Chair, Audit & Risk Committee

Violations of the Code

Chair, Corporate Governance Committee

Human Resource Matters

Vice-President, Human Resources


If a Reportable Matter relates to the specified Designated Recipient, or the reporting Kinross representative is otherwise uncomfortable submitting a report to such recipient, the report may be submitted to an appropriate alternate Designated Recipient. Instructions for Kinross representatives to submit reports, either directly, or via the Internet or toll-free telephone hotline administered by the Company's designated third party service provider, are set out in the Whistleblower Policy, a copy of which is posted on the Company's intranet and in various common areas in the workplace, and is also available on request from either Human Resources or the Legal Department. Reports will be received on a confidential basis and, at the election of the Kinross representative, may be made anonymously, as described in the Whistleblower Policy.

Confidential Reporting for External Persons

If a person wanting to report a Reportable Matter is not a Kinross representative, he or she may still make a report on a confidential basis and, at his/her election, anonymously, by delivering the report using one of the following options.

Option 1

A report may be submitted in writing to the attention of the Chief Legal Officer and/or General Counsel and/or Vice-President, Human Resources (as applicable based on the category of Reportable Matter), by mail or courier as set out below:


Kinross Gold Corporation
25 York Street
15th Floor
Toronto, ON M5J 2V5

Attention: Chief Legal Officer / General Counsel / Vice-President, Human Resources [as applicable]

To be opened by the Designated Recipient only, and submitted pursuant to the Kinross Gold Corporation Whistleblower Policy.

Option 2

Alternatively, if the Reportable Matter relates to the Chief Legal Officer or General Counsel of the Company, or the reporting person is otherwise uncomfortable making a report to such recipient, a written report enclosed in a sealed envelope may be delivered by mail or courier to the attention of one of the alternate Designated Recipients identified below (care of the Corporate Secretary), at the same address and carrying the same notice in bold, as set out above under Option 1:

i) Accounting, Financial and Auditing Matters:

Attention: Chair, Audit & Risk Committee c/o Corporate Secretary

ii) all other Reportable Matters:

Attention: Chair, Corporate Governance Committee c/o Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary will forward the report in the unopened enclosing envelope to the applicable Committee Chair.