At Kinross, outstanding corporate citizenship is a core value. These 10 principles define what “doing the right thing” means to us and are central to how we conduct our business.

Principle 1: We put people first and our number one priority is the safety of every employee.


Promoting a Safety Culture

Our chief priority is the safety of our people. We are committed to world-class health and safety standards. Our Corporate Health & Safety Policy guides our performance, reinforced in the Charter of the Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors. The Kinross Environment, Health & Safety Management system ensures that front-line managers from across Kinross operations, exploration sites, and development projects are accountable for ensuring that safety is front and centre across the company. This is accomplished by creating an environment where employees are actively involved in the improvement of their health and safety. At Kinross, the only acceptable result is everyone returning home safely every day.