At Kinross, outstanding corporate citizenship is a core value. These 10 principles define what “doing the right thing” means to us and are central to how we conduct our business.

Principle 6: We conduct all of our activities in accordance with accepted standards in the protection and promotion of human rights. We respect the cultural and historical perspectives and rights of those affected by our operations, in particular indigenous peoples.

Being a Good Neighbour

Ron Ivar Villegas of Communidad Colla, Chile, tells how Kinross helped support local family farming operations.


In the Workplace and Community

Kinross is committed to the protection of human rights in the workplace and in the community, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics ensures that all employees are made aware of, and are required to comply with, the company's anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. We uphold the principle of freedom of association.  

In 2005, our Paracatu operation became the first company in the mining sector to receive the SA8000 certification, an international standard for workplace practices based on the principles of 13 international human rights conventions.  Assessing and addressing human rights considerations at each phase in the mine cycle across our company is integral to our commitment to mining gold responsibly. We are working to ensure that our policies, standards and guidelines governing human rights and indigenous people keep pace with the growth of our business, and evolving needs in the communities where we live and work. Kinross supports the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

A Long-standing Commitment to Indigenous People

Kinross has a long-standing commitment to respecting the unique cultural and historical needs of indigenous people who live and work in the communities where we operate. At Kupol, Maricunga and at Round Mountain, we work closely with indigenous people living near our operations to support their efforts to enhance their quality of life, build capacity, and realize long-term socio-economic benefits from our operations. At our Maricunga operation in Chile, cooperative agreements with the Colla people help us to provide social, cultural and economic support programs. Among our achievements is a program to improve the pasture lands of the Colla people of Rio Jorquera (see video). Our goal is to assist the Colla people in building their economic capacity.

At our Kupol mine in the Russian Federation, we reached an agreement in June 2008 with the Chukotka Regional Association of Indigenous Minority Peoples of the North to help ensure that the benefits of Kupol reach indigenous people of the region. In recognition of its contribution to the socio-economic, cultural and insititutional development of the region's indigenous people, Kinross recently received the International Vitus Bering Award from Russia's Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East of the Russian Federation.