At Kinross, outstanding corporate citizenship is a core value. These 10 principles define what “doing the right thing” means to us and are central to how we conduct our business.

Principle 9: We provide lasting benefits to the communities where we work by supporting sustainable initiatives to develop their social, economic and institutional fabric. We recognize that every community is unique, and we work with our community partners to ensure that our support matches their priorities.


Engaging with the Local Community

Our goal is to make a positive impact and ensure that the local communities and the countries where we operate are better off - economically, socially, and culturally - as a result of our activities. Given the global scope of our business and diversity of each community, we believe that community development is not possible using a one-size-fits-all approach. At the local level, we work with each community to identify opportunities for mutually-beneficial partnerships. Working with communities, we support the development of the local social and economic infrastructure. We actively support community initiatives - especially health, education and business development - so that when we have completed our mining operations, local communities are better able to sustain their quality of life.