Putting people first is a core Kinross value, and our chief priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of every employee and contractor who works for us.

Our Health & Safety Policy

At Kinross, putting people first is a core value. Health and safety are our number one priority - among employees, partners, contractors and suppliers, and in the communities in which we operate. Throughout our organization we are committed to achieving excellence in health and safety performance, and to everyone returning home safe and healthy every day.

Kinross maintains an over-arching framework to preserve the health and protect the safety of all workers at all locations and compliance is required of all personnel. This management system rests on five pillars:

1. Leadership Accountability
2. Assessing & Managing Risk
3. Maintaining a Safe & Healthy Workplace
4. Ensuring Worker Competence
5. Open & Transparent Communication

Leaders of the organization are required to:

  • Create an environment where we never, under any circumstances, compromise on health and safety
  • Visibly promote Kinross values, leadership practices and health and safety policy and principles
  • Set a culture of transparency, honestly monitoring and reporting health and safety performance
  • Recognize and reward exceptional behaviour with respect to health and safety

Regional Vice-Presidents are required to:

  • Set a culture of openness and transparency, sharing regional best practices and lessons-learned
  • Communicate and reinforce expected leadership behaviours for health and safety
  • Communicate regional and company-wide safety performance to their teams
  • Recognize and reward exceptional behaviour with respect to health and safety
  • Follow-up on non-conformances identified during audits or other inspections.

The corporate Health and Safety team has been established to:

  • Set performance expectations, develop over-arching policy, minimum standards and annual plans for continual improvement
  • Provide guidance and assurance of site-level execution of health and safety management practices
  • Monitor and regularly communicate health and safety performance, trends and best practices

Vice-Presidents, General Managers and Directors of all sites including exploration and projects are required to:

  • Develop, implement and continually improve a comprehensive system with clear roles and responsibilities to ensure compliance with Kinross and regulatory standards. These standards are to be integrated into all aspects of our business, at all stages of exploration, development, mining and closure
  • Ensure that all employees and contractors are trained and competent to safely perform their work
  • Measure, monitor and report health and safety performance
  • Engage employees in the development and implementation of health and safety systems and programs
  • Foster a culture of reporting and responsiveness to ensure workplace issues and incidents are acknowledged and addressed

All workers, whether Kinross or contract employees, are required to:

  • Support the Health and Safety program by actively participating in all training, reporting all unsafe conditions and ensuring they and their coworkers follow all protective measures and safe work methods


Environmental Health & Safety Management System

To meet the commitments of our Health and Safety Policy, Kinross has established a company-wide Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management System, which is modeled on the global ISO 14001 standard for environment and the OHSAS 18001 standard for occupational health and safety. Our EHS management system applies to every Kinross operation worldwide.