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Fort Knox, USA

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A conventional truck-and-shovel open pit mine, the Fort Knox operation is located in one of the largest gold producing areas in Alaska.


Kettle River-Buckhorn, USA

The Kettle River-Buckhorn project was radically re-designed as an underground mine, and was engineered to keep its environmental footprint as small as possible.


Round Mountain, USA

A large tonnage open pit operation, Round Mountain has earned commendations for its safety and environmental initiatives.


Paracatu, Brazil

A major contributor to the local economy, the Paracatu open pit mine recently underwent a major expansion, increasing its lifespan and production capacity. At full capacity, Paracatu will be the biggest gold producer in Brazil.


Maricunga, Chile

Located in mineral-rich northern Chile, the Maricunga mine is a high altitude, cold weather heap leach operation.


La Coipa, Chile

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Kinross continues to explore the future potential of the La Coipa Phase 7 and Catalina targets.


Cerro Casale, Chile

Discovered along the mineral-rich Maricunga belt, Cerro Casale is one of the largest undeveloped gold and copper deposits in the world.


Lobo-Marte, Chile

Kinross' latest northern-Chile investment, Lobo-Marte is a development stage asset with a large resource, located in the Maricunga district near current Kinross operations.


Kupol, Russia

Jointly owned by Kinross and the regional government, the Kupol mine consists of both an underground and open pit operation.


Dvoinoye, Russia

Dvoinoye1 Dvoinoye2 Dvoinoye3 Dvoinoye4 Dvoinoye5

The high-grade Dvoinoye deposit is located nearby our Kupol operation.

West Africa

Tasiast, Mauritania

The Tasiast mine is an open pit operation located in north-western Mauritania. It is the first mine in a highly prospective greenstone belt.


Chirano, Ghana

The Chirano mine consists of several open pits and one underground operation.


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